March 2, 2024
Phoenix Industries celebrates international accolades at Summit Awards USA

Phoenix Industries celebrates international accolades at Summit Awards USA

Dec 27, 2023

Phoenix Industries proudly announces its outstanding achievement at the renowned Summit Awards USA, securing victories in three distinguished categories. These awards signify a momentous triumph for a Sri Lankan brand on the international stage.

Gold Award – Best TV Commercial: This top-tier recognition celebrates Phoenix’s prowess in crafting impactful and resonant narratives through compelling visual storytelling, setting a new benchmark for excellence. Bronze Award – Best Outdoor Campaign: This accolade honors its ability to captivate audiences with messages that transcend outdoor spaces, a testament to our innovative approach to communication. Bronze Award – Best Corporate Video: Phoenix’s corporate video garners praise for its captivating storytelling, effectively conveying our brand’s essence and vision.

As a Sri Lankan brand, winning at the Summit Awards USA is a significant milestone, showcasing their ability to compete and excel on a global scale. These achievements reflect the dedication and creativity of their talented team and stand as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Phoenix extends heartfelt appreciation to their cherished clients and partners for their unwavering support, instrumental in propelling them toward innovation and global recognition.

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