March 4, 2024
Melwa offers full scholarships to 300 university students

Melwa offers full scholarships to 300 university students

Feb 13, 2024

Melwa, Sri Lanka’s premium steel manufacturer, has further affirmed its commitment to corporate social responsibility by offering scholarships to 300 university students across Sri Lanka. This scholarship programme provides financial support to students from low-income families who are engaged in higher education in universities to successfully complete the respective academic programmes. Melwa has been implementing this social welfare programme for about ten years. Under this scholarship programme, more than 3,000 students have received financial assistance and completed their degrees. Around 300 university students are benefiting from this scholarship programme launched by Melwa.

The specialty of the scholarship programme is that the students are entitled to the relevant allowance for the entire period of their education in the universities. In addition, Melwa also works to support the other education-related needs of the students receiving this scholarship. Students from low-income families identified by Melwa are selected for this scholarship programme. In line with the theme that children are the lifeline of the country and implementing the concept that financial difficulties should not be an obstacle to education, Melva is implementing this scholarship programme. Going beyond mere business objectives, Melwa is constantly engaged in social welfare programmes such as environmental conservation and urban beautification, raising the professional skills of the craftsmen in the construction sector and providing them with the opportunity to acquire recognised professional qualifications.

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