July 24, 2024
Ishara Madushan Online School Pvt Ltd (IMOS) surpasses whopping 6,000 students

Ishara Madushan Online School Pvt Ltd (IMOS) surpasses whopping 6,000 students

Dec 20, 2023

The number of island-wide students enrolled in Ishara Madushan Online School Private Limited (IMOS), a leading educational institute which conducts Mathematics classes for students in grades 9, 10 and 11 entirely through online platforms, has exceeded a whopping 6,000. Established by Ishara Madushan, who received his primary and secondary education at the Maliyadeva College in Kurunegala, and then secured a BSc (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree from the University of Peradeniya, IMOS has currently become one of the most popular educational institutes. Being an engineer and tutor by profession, Madushan is also a popular actor.

The IMOS, which mainly conducts classes through Zoom technology, has studio facilities equipped with modern technical equipment. By joining the institute, students can gain a top-notch mathematics education covering the entire syllabus at a minimum monthly fee of Rs 1,500. Live classes are conducted for four hours per week for each grade, and timer paper writing sessions are also conducted. Repeat classes and web recordings are available for students who do not attend the class, and it is unique that IMOS makes arrangements to deliver the relevant tutes to the students’ homes before the commencement of the lessons.Students can receive many benefits by joining IMOS such as more class hours, high-quality papers and tutes, availability of web recordings and repeat classes in lieu of missed classes/sessions, if any, and ability to attend classes at night. In addition to the students, their parents are also benefited by enrolling their children in IMOS. They do not have to spend time and money on transportation of their children to classes, their children’s safety is ensured, and most importantly, they are provided with an opportunity to observe the learning status of their children. The IMOS is located at No 133/05, Bangalawatta Road, Mahara, Kadawatha. It can be reached via 0112902405, and its official website www.IMOS.lk. IMOS is available on social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.


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