March 4, 2024
CeylonLabs shines in Gold at NBQSA Awards & global recognition at APICTA in Hong Kong

CeylonLabs shines in Gold at NBQSA Awards & global recognition at APICTA in Hong Kong

Dec 20, 2023

CeylonLabs, the dynamic software development startup hub, is jubilant following the success of its flagship product, Track My Journey, which clinched the Gold award in the Consumer Travel and Tourism category at the National Best Quality Software Alliance (NBQSA) Awards 2023. This achievement underscores CeylonLabs’ commitment to delivering innovative and impactful solutions to users. Track My Journey, housed within CeylonLabs’ dedicated product hub, has been on a winning streak, having previously earned a merit award at the e-Swabhimani Awards 2021 organized by the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). The recent Gold win at NBQSA adds another layer of recognition to the software’s growing list of accolades.

In an exciting turn of events, Track My Journey has already represented Sri Lanka on the global stage at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) in Hong Kong, competing against 14 other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Although the APICTA awards have concluded, the opportunity to showcase Sri Lankan innovation alongside international peers has positioned Track My Journey as a symbol of excellence in the global tech landscape. Track My Journey has surpassed an impressive milestone of 1 million downloads, gaining popularity among users globally, particularly in America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Notably, this widespread reach has been achieved organically, without a formal marketing plan, reflecting the product’s inherent appeal.

Founder Chathura Lakmal, expressing gratitude for the recent awards, shared the startup’s vision for the future. “These prestigious accolades motivate us to elevate Track My Journey further. With plans to attract investor backing, implement strategic marketing, and solidify our vision, CeylonLabs aims to propel Track My Journey into the next echelon of success.” As CeylonLabs looks ahead, the global recognition received at APICTA positions Track My Journey as a key player in the competitive travel and tourism software market. The recent achievements serve as a stepping stone for CeylonLabs to achieve its goal of becoming a prominent player in the global tech industry.

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