July 25, 2024
INSEE Ecocycle Collaborates with Sri Lankan Authorities for the Responsible Disposal of Confiscated Heroin

INSEE Ecocycle Collaborates with Sri Lankan Authorities for the Responsible Disposal of Confiscated Heroin

Dec 21, 2023

INSEE Ecocycle, Sri Lanka’s pioneer in waste management services, has partnered with the Sri Lanka Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) and the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDDCB) to ensure the secure disposal of approximately 107 kg of confiscated heroin through co-processing.

The disposal process, conducted on 14th December in Puttalam, was executed under the vigilant supervision of the Sri Lanka Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) and court officials. Prior to disposal, the confiscated heroin, seized by the Sri Lanka Police Narcotics Bureau, underwent meticulous verification led by the Government Analyst Department (GAD), NDDCB, and the Court officials.

“We were proud to collaborate with the authorities on this project. As the only waste management company offering co-processing in Sri Lanka, we successfully disposed of the confiscated narcotics in an environmentally friendly way, without residual components that require additional treatment or processing, “says Sujith Gunawardena, INSEE Ecocycle’s General Manager. “Co-processing is a globally accepted the superior waste management method when compared with incineration. It results in less greenhouse gas emissions and is better for the environment.”

INSEE Ecocycle played a pivotal role in the technical evaluation of the feeding mechanism and pre-processing activities, collaborating closely with PNB and NDDCB to guarantee the safe disposal of this hazardous substance. The comprehensive technical evaluation encompassed a thorough risk assessment and mitigation action plan, addressing environmental, social, health, and safety aspects across the entire pre-processing and co-processing value chain to ensure a secure and responsible disposal process.

Throughout the value chain activities, experts from PNB and NDDCB provided guidance on critical components, including laboratory analysis, and other procedures, culminating in the final destruction of the narcotic substance.

INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited has a proud legacy of over two decades during which it has managed more than 1 million metric tons of industrial waste in collaboration with over 1,000 customers including corporates, Government authorities at the central and local levels, and recycling partners.

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