February 21, 2024
Exterminators PLC was recognised at the TAGS Compliance Awards

Exterminators PLC was recognised at the TAGS Compliance Awards

Dec 20, 2023

Exterminators PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier pest management and environmental technology company, has once again been recognised for its exemplary business practices at the prestigious TAGS Awards. For the second successive year, the company has been acknowledged for its compliance, transparency, accountability, governance, and sustainable business practices. The TAGS Awards are organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. The TAGS Awards aim to recognise the integrity of the financial, environmental, social, and governance reporting of companies. These awards also serve to promote the need for increased transparency in annual reports and encourage effective communication with stakeholders, as well as compliance with legislative requirements and accounting standards. The recognition of Exterminators PLC at the TAGS Awards demonstrates the company’s commitment to the best global reporting practices and its dedication to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance. By consistently adhering to these principles, Exterminators PLC sets a benchmark for other companies in the industry and contributes to raising the overall standard of business practices in Sri Lanka.

Exterminators PLC demonstrates its commitment to sustainable business practices in several ways in its operations and reporting: Use of environmentally friendly products and methods: Exterminators PLC uses sustainable and eco-friendly pest control products and methods in its operations to minimise the environmental impact of its services. Waste reduction and recycling: The company actively works to reduce waste in its operations and promotes recycling and responsible waste management practices. Energy-efficient practices: Exterminators PLC aims to reduce its energy consumption and promote energy-efficient practices across its operations. Compliance with environmental regulations: The company complies with all relevant environmental regulations and strives to go beyond the minimum requirements to minimise its environmental footprint. Reporting and transparency: Exterminators PLC transparently reports on its environmental impact and sustainability efforts, providing stakeholders with access to information on its sustainability practices and performance. Continuous improvement: The company is committed to continuously improving its sustainability practices and regularly reviews and updates its policies and procedures to align with best practices in sustainable business operations.

Exterminators PLC is Asia’s 1st great place to work and Asia’s 1st pest control company to be carbon neutral certified. It is the winner of 65 awards for brand, business, industrial excellence, entrepreneurship, environmental best practices, corporate social responsibility, and compliance. It is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 22000.

CAPTION – Executive Director of Exterminators PLC Travis Ferreira

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