March 2, 2024
SunRasa International achieves Bronze Award at IDB Awards

SunRasa International achieves Bronze Award at IDB Awards

Feb 8, 2024

SunRasa International Private Limited, a well-known snacks and confectionery manufacturing company in the country, was awarded the Bronze Award in the Snacks and Confectionery Category (Small Scale) at the National Industry Excellence Awards 2023 organised by the Industrial Development Board (IDB) under the Ministry of Industries. The award ceremony was recently held at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre in Colombo. The company’s Managing Director received the award.

Founded in 1999, SunRasa sources the best quality ingredients and manufactures all their products with a particular focus on their quality. The company has a specialised staff who have decades of experience in preparing traditional snacks and confectionery. Their range of products include Mixtura, Garlic Bites, Murukku, Sugared Sesame, Green Peas, Peanut Bites, Ring Murukku, Manioc Chips, Sweet Murukku, Yello Grams and Box Bite. All their products are available in the market in packages of 100 grams, and one, three and five kilograms. In addition to the local market, their products are reaching several parts of the world. Since its inception, SunRasa has provided hundreds of direct and indirect job opportunities to the people while moving ahead steadily in both local and international markets and successfully facing multiple challenges. During their manufacturing and packaging processes using high-tech machinery and state of the art techniques SunRasa always ensures that their products, at all stages, are monitored, measured, and taken care of, with utmost assurance. They have highly skilled and trained professionals to monitor the production and quality assurance processes with manual intervention. The Company has previously received many awards and quality certifications.

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