March 4, 2024
Falmouth University, UK’s No. 1 Arts University, Strengthens Global Partnerships through Inspiring Visit to AMDT School of Creativity

Falmouth University, UK’s No. 1 Arts University, Strengthens Global Partnerships through Inspiring Visit to AMDT School of Creativity

Jan 21, 2024

The AMDT School of Creativity recently had the privilege of hosting key officials from Falmouth University, with which it is affiliated, offering globally recognized Falmouth University BA (Hons) Degrees in Sri Lanka. Falmouth University holds a world class reputation reputation as the No. 1 Arts University in the UK according to The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023, and is also ranked among the top 50 universities globally for Creative Media and Entertainment by The Rookies, whilst also being recognized as one of the Best 20 Universities in the World for Concept Art & Illustration Schools in 2023.

The delegation from Falmouth University included Tatiana Mendez, Academic Partnerships Manager at the Faculty of Business & Design, and Katie Chandler, Senior Collaborative Provision Officer – Quality Assurance and Enhancement. Their visit marked an important milestone in the ongoing journey of collaboration between AMDT School of Creativity and Falmouth University, and signified a substantial step forward in fostering deeper academic connections and the highest standards of education.

Tatiana Mendez’s visit was filled with a series of vibrant engagement events, providing many opportunities for AMDT School of Creativity students. During her visit, she not only delved into academic discussions but also delivered a series of enlightening lectures aimed at enhancing students’ learning experience. One notable aspect of her interactions with students was the personalized feedback she provided to fashion students on their creations. This individualized guidance will serve as a catalyst for improvement, inspiring students to elevate their skills and fuel their passion.

Perhaps the highlight of Tatiana Mendez’s visit was the workshop she conducted for students, delving into Contemporary Practices in Fashion. This hands-on session allowed students to gain insights from a global perspective, aligning AMDT School of Creativity’s educational offerings with the evolving landscape of the creative industry, globally.

Meanwhile, Katie Chandler played a crucial role in assessing the quality of academic provisions provided by AMDT School of Creativity. Her efforts were focused on conducting a comprehensive training workshop for AMDT School of Creativity’s academic staff. Beyond the workshop, Katie facilitated engaging conversations with the staff, fostering an environment of collaboration and continuous learning.

Commenting on their visit Tatiana Mendez and Kate Chandler remarked, “We were delighted to visit AMDT School of Creativity and see the great work being done by staff and students. The whole team were very welcoming, and we were particularly struck by the open and friendly atmosphere at the School.”

Accordingly, the collaboration between AMDT School of Creativity and Falmouth University reflects a commitment to elevating creative education standards in Sri Lanka. The visit provided students with exposure to international best practices and also helped to strengthen the close ties between the two respected academic institutions.

As AMDT School of Creativity continues to position itself as a hub of creative excellence in Sri Lanka, the visit from Falmouth University officials underscores the school’s dedication to global standards. Looking ahead, the synergy between these two leading institutions promises a future of closer academic collaboration and broader creative and learning opportunities.

Founded in 2005, by two visionary creative entrepreneurs, AMDT School of Creativity has been a driving force in shaping the future of young talent in Sri Lanka. With a commitment to providing education that meets global standards, AMDT School of Creativity has empowered its students to apply creativity in solving real-world problems for people, communities and brands. The school offers programmes across a diverse range of creative disciplines, and grants degrees awarded by Falmouth University, and HND Qualifications awarded by Pearson UK, the globally recognized educational services provider.

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