March 5, 2024
Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd clinches Industrial Excellence Silver Award

Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd clinches Industrial Excellence Silver Award

Dec 20, 2023

Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd, a distinguished name locally and globally in the tea industry for several decades, continues to reaffirm its reputation for excellence. In the recent National Industry Excellence Awards 2023, organized by the Industry Development Board under the Ministry of Industries, Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd secured the prestigious Silver Award in the Tea Value Added and Beverage-Related Industries category. The grand ceremony, graced by the honorable President Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe, took place at the Nelum Pokuna Theater. The Chairman of Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd, Dr. W. Jinadasa, graciously accepted this esteemed accolade on behalf of the company, marking yet another milestone in their journey of exceptional achievement.

From its humble inception in 1983 as a modest tea leaf collection enterprise, Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd has evolved into a sprawling conglomerate that stands as a cornerstone of the local economy. Presently, the company operates an extensive network comprising 11 tea factories situated across multiple districts, alongside the establishment of mini hydro power plants and the implementation of cutting-edge solar power systems. Among its subsidiaries, the business empire includes a consortium of entities such as Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd.,  Sinharaja Hills Plantation (Pvt) Ltd., Nivithigala Factories (Pvt) Ltd., Andaradeniya Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., Hills Plantation (Pvt) Ltd., Andaradeniya Tea Estate Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd., and Andaradeniya Mini Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd. The Andaradeniya Group, a pivotal player contributing 2.5% to Sri Lanka’s overall national tea production, boasts an impressive annual output of 8.5 million kilograms of tea. Beyond its significant economic impact, the company serves as a catalyst for employment, directly offering approximately 4,000 jobs while generating an additional 25,000 indirect employment opportunities. Collaborating with nearly 25,000 tea smallholders, the company actively fosters community engagement and empowerment. Notably, the organization has pioneered the establishment of a cadre of rural transport agents and nurtured a cohort of young entrepreneurs, further bolstering local socio-economic development.

Since its inception in 1983, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Jinadasa, the company has amassed a trove of accolades, both locally and internationally. Dr. Jinadasa stated, ‘The Andaradeniya Group has maintained relentless dedication and made substantial contributions to the advancement and sustenance of the tea industry’s high quality, playing a pivotal role in propelling the nation’s economic prosperity and fostering various social service initiatives.’ As the Group Chairman, he expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, ‘I extend my sincere appreciation to every individual whose unwavering commitment contributed to our remarkable success. This includes our esteemed Director Board, dedicated employees, transportation agents, small tea estate holders, and all other well-wishers whose collective efforts have been instrumental in achieving this milestone.

CAPTION – The Chairman of Andaradeniya Estate (Pvt) Ltd Dr. W. Jinadasa receiving the award

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